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Versalite – Portable LED Emergency Lighting Fixture

Versalite® It is used to illuminate indoor or outdoor areas in case of power cuts, either fixed or mobile. It is light enough to be carried by hand, suitable for use in long corridors or large areas, can be directed 360° thanks to its 2x articulated and spot type LED lighting structure. It is very easy to install with its integrated energy socket and hanging lugs fixed to the body, warning LEDs on the luminaire showing the network status; It shows the state of the network, the state of charge of the battery and the state of being full.

The product has a charge breaker circuit, and when the battery block is fully charged, the charge is interrupted, the battery is prevented from being constantly charged, thus providing a longer lifespan.

After the first installation, the battery is charged in 24 hours, has a total consumption excluding 1×4 and 2x4w charging, has a SMD 2854 Power led module and a transparent polycarbonate diffuser that provides focus light.

When the mains voltage drops below 150AC/V, it switches from the battery to usage mode, it is resistant to voltages and voltages that rise or fluctuate up to 285AC/V, it goes into charging state with 185AC/V voltage, it is automatically cut off when the charge is fully charged.

Usage Areas


EU EcoDesign Compliant (EEC) - 2019/2020 EU
Power 2x4 watts
Protection class IP40
Operation type in interruption
Charging time 24 hours (at initial setup)
Kit 1-3 hours (optional)

Materials / Finishes

Materials / Finishes
Body DKP sheet metal
Coating electrostatic powder coating

Product Mounting Details

Product Mounting Details
Mounting type Surface mount - wall mount

Electrical Equipment

Electrical Equipment
Operating voltage 150~285AC/V 50~60Hz
Light Source SMD 2854 Power LED on AL PCB
Battery-battery NiCD
Charge start voltage 185AC/V
Interrupt activation voltage 150AC/V

Product Labels

Dimensions - Technical Drawings Versalite – Portable LED Emergency Lighting Fixture

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