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Lighting fixtures for factories, workshops and similar areas are listed. Below you can find the luminaires that you can use in the lighting of areas such as factories, industrial and integrated facilities. Note: It may be necessary to work on the lighting project of the production facilities, we can help you choose the most suitable luminaire for your factory or production facility by simulating the area to be illuminated with the product light outputs. For more, you can request support from the "contact section."

Factories, production facilities, textile - garment and leather workshops, metal processing plants, industrial facilities, furniture processing workshops, etc. luminaires with a harmonious design to be used in the illumination of areas. Replacing the lighting, which is one of the important and constant cost items of industrial facilities, with Factory Type Industrial LED Lighting luminaires that have low energy consumption and do not require maintenance for many years, providing 80% savings, greatly reduces facility costs. KARMA Industrial Lighting Fixtures have Specially designed Lenses and Reflectors designed to direct the light in accordance with the applied area. The luminous intensity (lm/w) corresponding to 1 watt is quite high. It is aimed to provide the light level (LUX) needed by the applied area with the lowest power and minimum lighting fixtures, so you can be sure that you really save money. In addition to all these, with Intelligent Control Systems and sensor applications, it is possible to exceed the targeted saving level by controlling the luminaire gradually or separately during peak times or low density times.

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