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Voltage shock protection chart

0The chassis must have electrical wiring, which must be connected to earth with a separate terminal.These devices have no protective earth connection and isolation, They can only be found on one level: they are intended for use in dry areas. A single mistake may result in electric shock or other hazards (common, etc.). Sales of these items are prohibited in some countries.
|These appliances must be connected to their chassis power line ground: The ground connection must be connected to the typical installation ground. It should be connected to the installations with short circuit breakers such as fuses, to the lines with leakage current condition (fuse).Grounding must be done, must be circuit protected.
||Double insulated electrical appliances: appliances designed in such a way that no connection to earthed safety (external) earth is required.Low voltage, Partially or fully insulated, Does not require grounding.
|||Extra low voltage, safe: It is a safe device, designed to be supplied from an electrical power source (battery, battery, etc.), under “normal conditions”, if a person comes into contact with it without the risk of electric shock.Extra low voltage, Shock safe, No grounding.
Suitable for mounting on flammable-combustible surfaces, the temperature is low enough not to cause ignition.It gives heat directly or indirectly to the environment, and cannot be used on flammable and flammable surfaces.