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Market & Store

Market & Store

In this category, you can find Linear band type luminaires or lighting fixtures such as Spot, Downlight, Ray Spot, Market shelf lighting systems and similar lighting used in the lighting of areas such as AVM (Shopping Center), Market, Store and Sales points.

In Market Lighting Fixtures: The luminous efficiency of LED Market Luminaires is higher than conventional classical Fluorescent type lighting. Fixtures to be used for Market Lighting; flush mounted, surface mounted and band luminaire - linear (linear) type are generally preferred lighting. In addition to these, LED Panel or LED Downlight luminaires can also be preferred, but Lighting calculation is essential for lighting shelves and departments. Professional support should be sought for the correct light level selection in accordance with the lighting level standards.

Controlled savings can be achieved by arranging luminaires in linear structure according to the Lighting automation or the daylight level of the environment by switching them in a separately controllable way.

Shop Lighting Fixtures: According to the classical type CDMT types, new type LED Spots or Rail type spot fixtures are preferred in the store lighting plan.

How Store Lighting Should Be: Necessary lighting calculations should be made in accordance with the spirit, decoration and standards of the place. Rayon and showcase etc. Shop lighting Spots should be used with a design tailored to the needs of the areas.

Clothing store lighting Store lighting, for example 80/CRI color rendering index, is a good choice. Rail Spots adapt to the store's variable aisle and decoration type with its mobile structure. This type of shop lighting spots has undergone a great evolution with LED technology and gained functionality, from industrial types to functional types (see Linear Rail sports).

In Store LIGHTING systems, KARMA products have many products suitable for these preferences and offer solutions for Project-specific designs.
Using the filter; You can search by light color (CCT - KELVIN), Body color, Dimensions and power (Watts).

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