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RISTA® – Recessed LED Emergency Exit and Direction Luminaire

RISTA® EXIT SIGN Emergency exit and direction luminaire with standard figures and signs, natural disasters such as fire, earthquake, etc. to be used in marking escape and exit points in cases; It is intended for flush-mounted application on suspended ceilings, gypsum ceilings, stone wool ceilings and panel type ceilings. The body structure and sign board are resistant to high temperatures and flaming fire conditions. Various pictograms and signs or colored universal exit sign figures are optionally produced on a transparent sign board from acrylic material. We can produce symbols as non-flammable Silkscreen Paint or Sticker.

The light source directed by SMD LEDs from the vertical plane of the plexi plate to the hub part illuminates the symbols of the luminaire.

It can be set to work continuously or interruptedly as well as battery power with an internal 1-3 hours option.

The power supply, in other words, the driver-driver is located in the body with all the equipment and does not require an external unit. Drivers that comply with mains supply standards are used and are not affected by fluctuations in voltage. When the mains voltage drops below 150AC/V, it switches from battery to usage mode. It is resistant to voltages and voltages that rise or fluctuate up to 285AC/V. is at one point.

The battery is fully charged in 24 hours at the first installation, NiCD type battery is used to last the storage battery for uses during and after the warranty.

Make sure to specify optional figure-symbols during the ordering process, eg (E-17).

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  • 80-80110

Usage Areas


EU EcoDesign Compliant (EEC) - 2019/2020 EU
Power 1~2 watts
Surface Double face
Protection class IP40
Operation type Intermittent - Continuous (optional)
Charging time 24 hours (at initial setup)
Kit 1-3 hours (optional)

Materials / Finishes

Materials / Finishes
Sheet Plexi glass (transparent)
Body Aluminum or ABS actuation
Coating electrostatic powder paint (for Al. Body)
Symbols Latex cutting or Silkscreen

Product Mounting Details

Product Mounting Details
Mounting type Flush mounted
Clip Stainless steel spring

Electrical Equipment

Electrical Equipment
Operating voltage 150~285AC/V 50~60Hz
Light Source SMD LED on AL PCB
Battery-battery NiCD
Charge start voltage 185AC/V
Interrupt activation voltage 150AC/V

Product Labels

Dimensions - Technical Drawings RISTA® – Recessed LED Emergency Exit and Direction Luminaire
Product CodeYanma DurumuGüç ( Watt )Yanma Süresi (hr)Weight (Kg)
80-80110Şebekeden1 W-0,5 Kg
80-80110-H1SSürekli2 W1 hr0,5 Kg
80-80110-H3SSürekli2 W3 hr0,5 Kg
80-80111Şebekeden2 W-0,5 Kg
80-80111-H1SSürekli2 W1 hr0,5 Kg
80-80111-H3SSürekli2 W3 hr0,5 Kg

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