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KARMA Premium® – T5 LED Tube

KARMA Premium® Series T5 Led Tube bulbs with their unique design, with included LED driver, with record light efficiency of 138lm/w, 161lm/w and 184lm/w;

In the industrial standard T5 fluorescent tube sizes and G5 pin structure, with the option of fixed or movable end caps.

Fixed or rotatable end cap structure option, with a light angle of up to 180°, with a lifetime exceeding 54,000 – 63,000 (LM80B50) hours, with nearly 80% savings compared to fluorescent tubes, compact integrated motion sensor, light sensitive sensor, Internal or external 1 -3 hours emergency kit (Ni-Mh or Ni-Cd battery optional), with standard single-end energy input as well as two-end input options.

A unique and unique design with its high quality aluminum (6063 alloy) profile body, UV filter polycarbon diffuser (polycarbon), flicker-free (no-flicker low-Ripple) stable glare, and colored rings that determine the efficiency class.

T5 Premium® Retro-fit version, which offers direct replacement in accordance with common ballast types for conversion solution expectations, is also available in “Meat Pink” light color special for delicatessens and meat departments.

Usage Areas



EU EcoDesign Compliant (EEC) - 2019/2020 EU
Power 10 W - 35 W
Luminous Flux 1.450 Lm - 5.775 Lm
Efficiency 138 Lm/W - 184 Lm/W
Energy Label A - D
Color Rendering Index(CRI) >80 Ra
LED Product Life 54,000h - 63,000h
Driver Internal Driver
Standard Deviation Color Matching (SDCM) MacAdam 3
Lamp Type LED Tube
Power Factor (PFλ) >95
IEC Protection Class (Luminaire) CLASS (II)
Size 550mm - 1450mm
IP - Protection class IP20
Mounting Type G5 Lampholder (Fixed or External)
Operating Temperature (At Room Temperature) -20°C...+45°C
Temperature Range in Storage -30°...+70°C
Protection Class IK (Shock Resistance) IK 03
Compliance and Standards EN 60598-2-160598-1;2015/A1;2018, 55015;2013;A1;2015 & EN 61547;2009, EN 61000-3-2;2014, 61000-3-3;2013
HI1, HE1, HE3 Emergency Kit Option is Available.
The Values Given Are Valid For The Model Being Measured.

Materials / Finishes

Materials / Finishes
Body Material Aluminum Extrusion
Body Color Anodized Gray
Product Paint Electroplating
Diffuser PC (Polycarbon) Transparent, PC (Polycarbon) Opal

Product Mounting Details

Product Mounting Details
IP - Protection Class IP20
Mounting Type G5 socket (armature or external)
IK - Protection Class (Shock Resistance) IK 03

Electrical Equipment

Electrical Equipment
Input Voltage, Frequency AC100~240AC/V 50~60Hz
Lamp Type T5 LED Tube
Power Factor (PFλ) >95
Emergency Lighting LED Tube Included External 3 Hour Battery Emergency Kit (Optional), LED Tube Internal 1 Hour Battery Emergency Kit
Emergency Lighting Power 10-15%
IEC Protection Class (Luminaire) CLASS (II)
Sensor Motion & Sound Sensitive Sensor (Optional)
Automation Mains Input Can Be Controlled by Panel or External Control Modules
Light Power Adjustment (DIMM) No

Product Labels

Dimensions - Technical Drawings KARMA Premium® – T5 LED Tube Light Curves

Check out the details that explain what you can do from this data.


T5 LED Tube

We provide luminance (IES) curves for each luminaire on our website.
The light curve graphically shows how the light diffuses into the space.
The light source is located at the center of the system (ie in the polar area of the graph).
When the fixture assembly is symmetrical about the vertical axis (such as circle-round, square), we create only one density distribution curve in a vertical plane.
So the red color appears, when the Armature assembly is not symmetrical, we add a blue curve to the graph.
The blue curve shows how the light source shines with a 90 degree movement against the initial position.
When measuring the luminaire inside the source axis, we measure the plane C90-C270; when measuring the light axis vertically, we measure the plane C0-C180.

KARMA Premium® – T5 LED Tube
  • The given brightness values are measured by Goniophotometer.
  • In the KARMA laboratory (compared to accredited organizations)
  • we measure our luminaires ourselves and record the luminaire output (.IES/.LDT).
  • So you can be sure that the luminaire illuminates as shown.
Product CodeWattEfficiency
Işık Akışı
Energy LabelSize
Ø | L (mm)
05-5307-S10 W145 Lm/W1.450 Lm
23 | 550 mm0,1 Kg
05-5314-S15 W145 Lm/W2.175 Lm
23 | 550 mm0,1 Kg
05-5315-S15 W145 Lm/W2.175 Lm
23 | 1150 mm0,22 Kg
05-5316-S19 W145 Lm/W2.755 Lm
23 | 1150 mm0,22 Kg
05-5317-S22 W143 Lm/W3.146 Lm
23 | 1150 mm0,22 Kg
05-5319-S19 W145 Lm/W2.755 Lm
23 | 1450 mm0,28 Kg
05-5322-S22 W142 Lm/W3.124 Lm
23 | 1450 mm0,28 Kg
05-5323-S25 W140 Lm/W3.500 Lm
23 | 1450 mm0,28 Kg
05-5324-S27 W138 Lm/W3.726 Lm
23 | 1450 mm0,28 Kg
05-5335-S35 W132 Lm/W4.620 Lm
23 | 1450 mm0,28 Kg
05-5307-G10 W161 Lm/W1.610 Lm
23 | 550 mm0,1 Kg
05-5314-G15 W161 Lm/W2.415 Lm
23 | 550 mm0,1 Kg
05-5315-G15 W161 Lm/W2.415 Lm
23 | 1150 mm0,22 Kg
05-5316-G19 W161 Lm/W3.059 Lm
23 | 1150 mm0,22 Kg
05-5317-G22 W159 Lm/W3.498 Lm
23 | 1150 mm0,22 Kg
05-5319-G19 W161 Lm/W3.059 Lm
23 | 1450 mm0,28 Kg
05-5322-G22 W159 Lm/W3.498 Lm
23 | 1450 mm0,28 Kg
05-5323-G25 W158 Lm/W3.950 Lm
23 | 1450 mm0,28 Kg
05-5324-G27 W158 Lm/W4.266 Lm
23 | 1450 mm0,28 Kg
05-5335-G35 W145 Lm/W5.075 Lm
23 | 1450 mm0,28 Kg
05-5307-P10 W184 Lm/W1.840 Lm
23 | 550 mm0,1 Kg
05-5314-P15 W184 Lm/W2.760 Lm
23 | 550 mm0,1 Kg
05-5315-P15 W184 Lm/W2.760 Lm
23 | 1150 mm0,22 Kg
05-5316-P19 W184 Lm/W3.496 Lm
23 | 1150 mm0,22 Kg
05-5317-P22 W182 Lm/W4.004 Lm
23 | 1150 mm0,22 Kg
05-5319-P19 W184 Lm/W3.496 Lm
23 | 1450 mm0,28 Kg
05-5322-P22 W181 Lm/W3.982 Lm
23 | 1450 mm0,28 Kg
05-5323-P25 W180 Lm/W4.500 Lm
23 | 1450 mm0,28 Kg
05-5324-P27 W179 Lm/W4.833 Lm
23 | 1450 mm0,28 Kg
05-5335-P35 W165 Lm/W5.775 Lm
23 | 1450 mm0,28 Kg

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