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KARMA Premium® – T8 LED Tube

KARMA Premium T8 LED Tube: Energy Efficiency and Modern Lighting Solutions
Leaving traditional lighting solutions behind, KARMA Premium T8 LED Tube redefines lighting standards by producing with the latest technology LED. Here are the advantages offered by this innovative product:
1. Energy Efficiency and Savings:
KARMA T8 LED Tube offers 60%+ savings compared to traditional fluorescent bulbs. It minimizes energy costs with its high light efficiency.
2. Longevity:
LED technology is known for its promise of long life. KARMA’s T8 LED Tube ensures long-term use by reducing the need for bulb replacement.
3. Technology Compatible and Easy Installation:
Manufactured in accordance with the dimensions and standards of traditional fluorescent bulbs, this tube fits seamlessly with existing fixtures. Additionally, it can be installed compactly without the need for drivers such as ballast.
4. Light Distribution and Lighting Quality:
Providing targeted light distribution with linear illumination, KARMA T8 LED Tube offers homogeneous and impressive illumination.
5. Wide Voltage Range:
Having a wide voltage range that is not affected by network fluctuations, it provides reliable performance in various electrical conditions.
6. UV Filtering and Durability:
Anodized aluminum body structure and Polycarbonate diffuser lens filter UV rays and promise durable and fadeless use.
7. Emergency Lighting Feature:
KARMA T8 LED Tube bulb offers an additional layer of security for emergencies with the integrated emergency kit circuit option.
With its modern design and superior features, KARMA Premium T8 LED Tube offers solutions to your lighting needs and stands out with its energy saving and long life advantages.

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  • 05-5414

Usage Areas



EU EcoDesign Compliant (EEC) - 2019/2020 EU
LED efficiency 130lm~180/W (nominal)
Light Angle 120 degrees
Protection class IP20
CCT/KELVIN 3000<6000
THD <15%
Input Voltage 180-240 V/AC
Power Factor (Pf) 0.92 Pf
CRI (Ra) 80 Ra
Certification and Conformity EN IEC 60598-2-1;2021, EN IEC 60598-1;2021/A11;2022, EN 55015;2013;A1;2015, EN 61547;2009, EN 61000-3-2;2014, EN 61000-3-3;2013

Materials / Finishes

Materials / Finishes
Diffuser Opal polycarbonate(PC) Frost finish, No-UV (stabilized UV filter)
Body Aluminum extrusion profile
Coating Anodized

Product Mounting Details

Product Mounting Details
Mounting type G13 Lampholder
Energy Input Optional from Two Ends or Single End (N-L) No grounding required

Electrical Equipment

Electrical Equipment
Light Source SMD 2835 LED on Aluminum MKw3 PCB
Automation It can be controlled from the armature structure with the mains input.
DALI - DIMM not applicable.
Emergency lighting kit compactly in the housing (optional)

Product Labels

Dimensions - Technical Drawings KARMA Premium® – T8 LED Tube Light Curves

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T8 LED Tube

We provide luminance (IES) curves for each luminaire on our website.
The light curve graphically shows how the light diffuses into the space.
The light source is located at the center of the system (ie in the polar area of the graph).
When the fixture assembly is symmetrical about the vertical axis (such as circle-round, square), we create only one density distribution curve in a vertical plane.
So the red color appears, when the Armature assembly is not symmetrical, we add a blue curve to the graph.
The blue curve shows how the light source shines with a 90 degree movement against the initial position.
When measuring the luminaire inside the source axis, we measure the plane C90-C270; when measuring the light axis vertically, we measure the plane C0-C180.

KARMA Premium® – T8 LED Tube
  • The given brightness values are measured by Goniophotometer.
  • In the KARMA laboratory (compared to accredited organizations)
  • we measure our luminaires ourselves and record the luminaire output (.IES/.LDT).
  • So you can be sure that the luminaire illuminates as shown.
Product CodeWattEfficiency
Luminous flux
Product Size
(L) mm
05-541416 W130 lm/W2.080 lm1200 mm
05-541516 W160 lm/W2.560 lm1200 mm
05-541616 W180 lm/W2.880 lm1200 mm
05-541819 W130 lm/W2.470 lm1500 mm
05-541919 W160 lm/W3.040 lm1500 mm
05-542019 W180 lm/W3.420 lm1500 mm
05-542122 W130 lm/W2.860 lm1500 mm
05-542222 W160 lm/W3.520 lm1500 mm
05-542322 W180 lm/W3.960 lm1500 mm
05-542427 W130 lm/W3.510 lm1500 mm
05-542527 W160 lm/W4.320 lm1500 mm
05-542627 W180 lm/W4.860 lm1500 mm

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