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FLAT – Linear Luminaire with LED Diffuser

LED Module series of FLAT® Product family; It is a decorative and architectural lighting solution.

It can be added end-to-end linearly with various options and accessories, and can be used as pendant lighting with hanging apparatus from various ceiling heights.

Opal or transparent diffuser option provides a linear image and adds a modern ambiance to the place where it is applied. With its aluminum extrusion body structure, it can be produced in one piece up to 3 meters.

Various body color options are available to suit the decoration in the applied space. KIT options, which are compatible with common and various sensor types and will provide 1-3 hours of lighting for emergency lighting in power cuts, can be optionally produced internally in the body.

Usage Areas

Materials / Finishes

Materials / Finishes
Body Aluminum Extrusion profile.
Diffuser-Lens Opal or Clear laminated Polycarbonate (PC).

Product Mounting Details

Product Mounting Details
Mounting Surface Surface Mounted / Suspended
Mounting Type Stainless steel ceiling mount
Mounting accessories Adjustable steel wire hanger (TIJ) (optional).
Mains Connection 3x (optional 4x or 4+2) NYAF and single-phase grounding terminal.

Electrical Equipment

Electrical Equipment
Light Source SMD2835 LED on 1,2,3x PBCA LED module
Automation Mains input can be controlled by panel or external control modules.
Emergency Lighting 1-3 hours EMERGENCY KIT
Sensor Motion sensitive, sound sensitive trigger sensors (optional)
DALI - DIMM DIMMable (with Driver option)

Product Labels

FLAT – Linear Luminaire with LED Diffuser Accessories

Dimensions - Technical Drawings FLAT – Linear Luminaire with LED Diffuser
Product CodeWattIşık Akışı
Product Size
L,W,H (mm)
Product Weight
35-3560025 W3600 Lm520x100x85 mm0,4 Kg
35-35600-H125 W3600 Lm520x100x85 mm0,9 Kg
35-3560440 W4800 Lm1020x100x85 mm0,7 Kg
35-35604-H140 W4800 Lm1020x100x85 mm1,2 Kg
35-3560650 W6000 Lm1480x100x85 mm1 Kg
35-35606-H150 W6000 Lm1480x100x85 mm1,5 Kg
35-3560860 W7200 Lm1480x100x85 mm1 Kg
35-35608-H160 W7200 Lm1480x100x85 mm1,5 Kg
35-3560150 W7200 Lm1040x100x85 mm0,7 Kg
35-35601-H150 W7200 Lm1040x100x85 mm1,2 Kg
35-3560580 W9600 Lm2040x100x85 mm1,3 Kg
35-35605-H180 W9600 Lm2040x100x85 mm1,8 Kg
35-35607100 W12000 Lm2960x100x85 mm1,8 Kg
35-35607-H1100 W12000 Lm2960x100x85 mm3,3 Kg
35-35609120 W14400 Lm2960x100x85 mm1,8 Kg
35-35609-H1120 W14400 Lm2960x100x85 mm3,3 Kg

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