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MODULINE SA X4 – Recessed Linear LED Spot Light

Moduline, creative and modern LED lighting, is a product that adds excitement to the world of design. The product, consisting of linear flush-mounted, recessed modular, UGR low and tiny spots, perfectly combines aesthetics and functionality.

Moduline Recessed linear spotlight adds elegance and elegance to your spaces, adapts to different decoration styles thanks to its flexible design, and creates a stylish atmosphere in spaces with its unique form.

Thanks to its low design, UGR does not tire the eyes and is suitable for long-term use. While high color fidelity emphasizes the natural beauty of your spaces, low energy consumption offers an environmentally friendly option.

Moduline LED Recessed linear spot lighting adds a modern atmosphere to your spaces with its elegant and minimalist design and unique forms. The combination of fine details and high quality materials, durability and longevity creates a distinctive effect in illuminating your spaces.

Usage Areas


EU EcoDesign Compliant (EEC) - 2019/2020 EU
Power 5 Watts
Luminous Flux 550Lm
Beam Angle 70°
Efficiency 110 Lm/W
Energy Efficiency E
Color Rendering Index (CRI) >80 Ra (90 Optional)
LED Product Life 50,000
Drive External Drive
Standard Deviation Color Matching (SDCM) MacAdam 3
Lamp Type LED Module (MID POWER)
IEC Protection Class (Luminaire) CLASS (II)
Size 180mm*70mm*65mm
IP - Protection Class IP20
Mounting Type Recessed
Operating Temperature (at Room Temperature) -20°C...+50°C
Temperature Range in Storage -30°C...+70°C
Protection Class IK (Shock Resistance) IK 02



Materials / Finishes

Materials / Finishes
Body Material Aluminum Injection, ABS-UV Plastic
Painting Electrostatic Powder Coating
Optics Acrylic PMMA Lens

Product Mounting Details

Product Mounting Details
Mounting Type Recessed (ceiling must be cut to size)
Mounting Location Ceiling
Application Height 1m - 4m
Riders Suitable for group riders

Electrical Equipment

Electrical Equipment
Lamp Type LED Module (MID POWER)
Sensor Motion & Sound Sensitive Sensor (Optional)
Automation Network Input Can Be Controlled via Panel or External Control Modules
Luminous Power Adjustment (DIMM) Optional with Driver Option
Group Driver application 350mA (With constant current)
Group Drive application 12V/DC
These connection types should be made by professionals. It is recommended that you get technical information from our experts on the subject contact

Dimensions - Technical Drawings MODULINE SA X4 – Recessed Linear LED Spot Light Light Curves

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MODULINE SA X4 - Recessed Linear LED Spot Light

We provide luminance (IES) curves for each luminaire on our website.
The light curve graphically shows how the light diffuses into the space.
The light source is located at the center of the system (ie in the polar area of the graph).
When the fixture assembly is symmetrical about the vertical axis (such as circle-round, square), we create only one density distribution curve in a vertical plane.
So the red color appears, when the Armature assembly is not symmetrical, we add a blue curve to the graph.
The blue curve shows how the light source shines with a 90 degree movement against the initial position.
When measuring the armature inside the weld axis, we measure the plane C90-C270; When measuring the light axis vertically, we also measure the C0-C180 plane.

MODULINE SA X4 – Recessed Linear LED Spot Light
  • The given brightness values are measured by Goniophotometer.
  • In the KARMA laboratory (compared to accredited organizations)
  • we measure our luminaires ourselves and record the luminaire output (.IES/.LDT).
  • So you can be sure that the luminaire illuminates as shown.
Product CodePower
Luminous Flux
Energy LabelHole Cutting Size
L,W (mm)
L,W,H (mm)

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